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Trackless Train



ALL ABOARD! Yep, that was the last call that the conductor said for all travelers to board the train. A conductor is a railway train crew member responsible for operational and safety duties that do not involve actual operation of the train.We have a three car trackless train that we rent to parties and events.

Conductors duties include:

  • Jointly coordinate with the engineer and dispatcher the train’s movement authority, and verifying this authority is not exceeded
  • Communicate and coordinating with other parties—yardmasters, trainmasters, dispatchers, on board service personnel, etc.
  • Be alert to wayside signals, switch position, and other conditions that affect safe train movement
  • mechanically inspect rolling stock
  • Assist the engineer in testing the train’s air brakes
  • Signal the engineer when to start or stop moving
  • Keep a log of the journey
  • Check tickets and collect fares on passenger trains
  • Attend to passenger needs
  • Keep records of consignment notes and waybills
  • Direct, coordinate, and usually manually perform, shunting or switching

“The occupation of shunter/switcher is a particularly dangerous one as not only is there the risk of being run over but on some railway systems – in particular where hook-and-chain coupling systems are in use – the shunters have to get between the wagons/carriages in order to complete the coupling/uncoupling process.”

Jokes: Why is the railroad angry? Because people are always crossing it! Why can’t the engineer be electrocuted? Because he’s not a conductor!


Archery tag is new at Tons of Fun


Archery was a historic way of hunting. We have added a modern twist to an old art.

Archery is an activity of propelling arrows using a bow. The 2012 Olympics had 128 archery participants both men and women. Each archer shot 72 arrows. The United States ranked 6th, with three competitors winning a silver medal each. There are two archery clubs in the Louisville, KY  area:  Pine Ridge Bowhunters of New Albany, IN and Chickasaw Archery Club in Shepherdsville, KY.  Tons of Fun has a new archery “tag” system. You get a bow, three arrows with safety,  sponge tip ends and a target. It is safe and great for younger children too. The best thing about this system is you can use the target or play archery tag.  Archery tag: make an obstacle course by placing objects like tin cans, buckets, bottles or signs in an obstacle path.  Have two participants compete against each other by knocking down or hitting the objects with the arrows.  This game may be better for better than beginner archers.  This archery system is safe and a great way to have fun and learn the basics of “the bow and arrow.”



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Panning for gems and rocks


Panning for gems and rocks.

Panning for gems and raw rocks is fun!

Gemstones Panning for gems and raw rocks is fun!

We have a 12′ sluice system for rock and gemstone panning. This is a great item to rent for school projects. The participants purchase a bag and it is full of sand, dirt, gemstones and raw rocks like: lions eye, amethyst, turquoise, jade, quartz, slate, greenstone and more. The participant uses a screen sifter in the sluicing system. Imagine the excitement of finding stones you have never seen before. The system comes with two large rock and gem posters. Once you have sifted through the bag of goodies, take the stones to the poster and identify them. This is a hands-on geology lesson.