Trackless Train



ALL ABOARD! Yep, that was the last call that the conductor said for all travelers to board the train. A conductor is a railway train crew member responsible for operational and safety duties that do not involve actual operation of the train.We have a three car trackless train that we rent to parties and events.

Conductors duties include:

  • Jointly coordinate with the engineer and dispatcher the train’s movement authority, and verifying this authority is not exceeded
  • Communicate and coordinating with other parties—yardmasters, trainmasters, dispatchers, on board service personnel, etc.
  • Be alert to wayside signals, switch position, and other conditions that affect safe train movement
  • mechanically inspect rolling stock
  • Assist the engineer in testing the train’s air brakes
  • Signal the engineer when to start or stop moving
  • Keep a log of the journey
  • Check tickets and collect fares on passenger trains
  • Attend to passenger needs
  • Keep records of consignment notes and waybills
  • Direct, coordinate, and usually manually perform, shunting or switching

“The occupation of shunter/switcher is a particularly dangerous one as not only is there the risk of being run over but on some railway systems – in particular where hook-and-chain coupling systems are in use – the shunters have to get between the wagons/carriages in order to complete the coupling/uncoupling process.”

Jokes: Why is the railroad angry? Because people are always crossing it! Why can’t the engineer be electrocuted? Because he’s not a conductor!


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