Cotton Candy 100 calories


image5154Cotton candy, popcorn and sno cone are the three top most popular concession items for festivals, events and amusement parks. Cotton candy is a light and fluffy sugar confectionery made out of one ingredient – SUGAR. It is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste. Cotton candy comes in a variety of flavors and colors. What do you think the top 3 flavors are? Answer: pink, blue and grape. Pink comes in flavors called silly nilly – vanilla, wacky watermelon, bubble gum, cherry berry and jolly berry – strawberry. Blue raspberry is called boo blue, O-Jay is orange and green is leapin’ lime. Orange cotton candy sells more in October because of Halloween.

This treat is simple to make using a cotton candy machine. The sugar is spun, heated and air-filled and the end result is cotton candy. The hardest thing about making cotton candy is twirling it on the stick. This treat melts in your mouth while giving your taste buds a ride.

Cotton candy got its official name in America around 1920. Previously it was called “fairy floss” and spun sugar. It was thought that this sugary concoction started in the 1400s. Seven hundred years later it is a favorite treat for may festival goers. Years ago, it was a very expensive to make cotton candy and it only began public sales in 1904 at the worlds fair. Today you can purchase it in gas stations, grocery stores, festivals and amusement parks or you can rent a cotton candy machine and make it at home.

Cotton candy is usually served in bags or on a stick. A normal serving of cotton candy is one ounce and this equals 100 calories. This treat is great for adults and children. Cotton candy is my highest sales items in the concession items categories. Adults love the taste and it makes them feel like a little kids again. It is so much fun to eat and it literally melts in your mouth.

These days there are many items made from cotton candy: cake and frosting, cotton candy martinis, cotton candy whipped cream, cookies, cotton candy cupcakes and yummy cotton candy bars.
Did you know that the word cotton candy is used to describe a number of different items: Crayola no. 37 is called cotton candy, there is a new grape growing in California called cotton candy and there is a  type of grass called cotton candy.
Some people avoid cotton candy saying it is too high in sugar. In fact, there is as much sugar in one ounce of cotton candy as there is in a can of soda, 2 mini Reese cups have 80 calories, 2 mini Snicker bars has 90 calories and 10 Gummi bears has 100 calories. So enjoy all these sugary delights.

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