Sky Dangers, Sky Guys, Sky Tubes, Fly Tube, Airpuppets


sky-dancers1Looking for a way to make your business or upcoming sale stand out? Sky Dancers are a creative, colorful and attention grabbing way to promote your store or business. These sky tubes are by far the most cost-effective way to advertise a business and they attract attention from far away.

The sky guys come in different sizes, styles and colors. These guys can be 10′ to 70′ in height but generally they are 18′ tall. They come in many different colors too. Most have arms that flail and a happy face. In my business I carry a variety of different tubes; a frog, a 9′ multi armed colored sky dancer, a red, white and blue, an “open” sky dancer with an arrow, a two-legged yellow sky guy, a bride and groom and over eight different single legged colored sky dancers as seen above. The variety and themes very greatly.  You can have them customized by contacting a manufacturer.

All the sky guys are blow upward with a round blower that usually have three speeds. The blowers are usually 3/4 hp and 18″ diameter. These blowers run around $300.00 each which I think are a little pricey. However I just noticed the blowers are as low as $200.oo. That is a big drop from just a couple of years ago.

Rental of these items are great for businesses. Great times to rent these items are for grand openings, sales, specials or just to draw attention to your business. I have also rented them for parties and birthday parties to draw attention to the party site. They do not take up a lot of base room – 18″ and they take a 110 outlet. Just be careful with telephone wires, tree limbs, telephone poles, flag poles and highs signs.

It is very important to use several different medias to draw attention to your business. These are an excellent choice and the rental fees are reasonably priced.

The problems I have found with these items are: if the winds are too high then the sky dancers have a tendency to flap and hit the ground a lot. Also the normal wear and tear of a sky dancer is about 700 hours before the color looks dull and the ends and edges of the arms and head becomes frayed. I had a customer use a sky dancer and when she returned it the head and arms were full of mulch. It took forever to remove all the little pieces from this guy. I suggest using them on grass or cement not in a flower bed. Also if customers are not carefull and do not stretch the sky guy out before they start the blower up it could get caught under the blower.  The fabric will tear and get caught in the fan and the blower motor could lock up.

The sky dancers are made out of a nylon parachute type material. The fabric is very lightweight, tightly woven and has a sleek feel. The fabric wears and tears very well.

In general, these are very good to use for advertising your business!


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