Dunk Tank



The dunk tank is one of the most popular items at carnivals and festivals. The picture above is the typical looking dunk tank. The blue tank holds 400 gallons of water and the side canvas is typically 7 feet tall by 6 feet wide. The white target is usually 4-5 inches wide. The dunk tank comes with three balls the size of softballs.

How to play: Fill the tank with water, a person sits on the white seat above the tank, place a throw line about 10 feet away from the target and the player tries to throw the ball directly at the target. If the target is hit the seat unlatches and the person sitting on the seat falls into the water. It is fun to watchfrightenedface the person’s face when they fall into the water.

Suggestions when using the dunk tank:

1. Make sure you have a hose and a working outside spigot so you can fill the tank quickly and efficiently.

2. Maximum dunk tank seat weight is 275 pounds per person.

3. Place tank on a level surface.

4. It takes about one hour to fill the tank with water when using a hose.

5. Always read the safety rules posted on the side of the tank.

6. If moving the dunk tank to another location have a 2 inch trailer hitch ball on the back of your vehicle.

7. Only one person is allowed on the dunk tank seat at a time.

8. When sitting on the dunk tank seat, slightly edge your way forward on the seat for best seat performance.

9. Do not allow small children on the dunk tank.

10. Most importantly, have fun!


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