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20 x 20 tent hold 40 sitting and 55 standing

20 x 20 tent hold 40 sitting and 55 standing

What are tents and what are they used for?

Portable tents are a great addition to any event by adding extra space.  A  20′ x 20′  tent adds 400 extra feet of shaded space, a 20′ x 40′ tent adds 800 extra feet and so forth and so on.    A tent  is  “a portable shelter of  canvas, plastic, or the like, supported by one or more poles or a frame and often secured by ropes fastened to pegs in the ground,”

Tents and Winds

Tents cover the event  area from weather conditions like rain and sun. Commercial tents are very durable in most weather conditions. However, avoid setting up tents in severe weather conditions such as extreme cold and high winds.Wind is the most destructive natural element to tents and other light weight shelters. Strong wind will flap, smash, and blow away your shelter in short order if it is not properly secured. To withstand strong wind a tent needs to be drum tight to successfully shed the wind.  Be aware that all structures have their wind load limit. It is by far better to take down a tent before the wind gets to strong then to have it fail in high wind. At the same time it is hard to know when to do this and taking down a tent in strong wind can be dangerous to you and or your tent. Taking down a tent in high wind weakens it and can cause the wind to get a better hold on the tent which can cause it to fail or get away from you.

Tent Sizes and Colors

Tents come in all size;  8′ x 8′ and up to mega sizes. The largest tent in the world is in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia. This tent is 492 feet high and has a 656 feet radius. It is 1,076,391 square feet of entertainment area.

Tents come in a multitude of colors. The most popular tent color is white.  Most commercial tents are made of a heavy vinyl. Commercial tents are very durable in most weather conditions. Avoid setting up tents in severe weather such as extreme cold and high winds. If properly installed tents will withstand unpredictable odd weather. Wind over time will cause your tent to move up and down and side to side therefore your ground stakes need to be checked frequency to see if they are working loose Check to see that the cords you run from your tent to the stakes does not become frayed by this friction.

Tent Stakes and Knot

Tent-Stake-Rope-452802Tents are best held in place with heavy-duty tent stakes. These stakes are normally 18″ to 36″ long and are normally made out of solid steel. Stakes are put in place with a sledge-hammer or a tent stake driver. Anchoring a tent properly is important to keep the tent erect for the duration of your party, even if someone bumps into a support post. Rope anchors are the most common, least expensive and oldest system for anchoring large tents. Drive stakes into the ground 3 to 4 feet from each support pole. The stake for each wall support pole should be positioned straight out from the tent, not at an angle. The two stakes for the corner support poles should be positioned at a 90 degree angle from each other, about 3 to 4 feet from the corner support pole. For each stake, tie one anchor rope securely to the top of its support pole. The anchor ropes should each be about 10 feet long. The clove hitch knot is used around the top of the tent stake. It is two successful half-hitches around the stake. It is most effectively used as a crossing knot, see the illustration.

clive knot Starting with a corner support pole, loop the end of one of the ropes twice and rotate the second loop you make behind the rope end and the first loop to tie a clove hitch knot. Place the loops over the stake and tighten with the loose end of the rope. The rope should have a little bit of slack.

taut line hitchThe taut-line hitch is an adjustable loop knot for use on lines under tension. It is useful when the length of a line will need to be periodically adjusted in order to maintain tension. It is made by tying a rolling hitch around the standing part after passing around an anchor object. Tension is maintained by sliding the hitch to adjust size of the loop, thus changing the effective length of the standing part without retying the knot.

Tents are can be used as an entertainment area by adding tables, chairs, dance floor, food tables and more. You will see larger tents at fair grounds, weddings and huge private parties.  Tents are a good piece of equipment to use for any outdoor event. Outdoor festivals and school events could you canopy tenting for displaying their carnival games.Carnival_Booths_Event_Kings_Apprentice