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20 x 20 tent hold 40 sitting and 55 standing

20 x 20 tent hold 40 sitting and 55 standing

What are tents and what are they used for?

Portable tents are a great addition to any event by adding extra space.  A  20′ x 20′  tent adds 400 extra feet of shaded space, a 20′ x 40′ tent adds 800 extra feet and so forth and so on.    A tent  is  “a portable shelter of  canvas, plastic, or the like, supported by one or more poles or a frame and often secured by ropes fastened to pegs in the ground,” dictionary.com.

Tents and Winds

Tents cover the event  area from weather conditions like rain and sun. Commercial tents are very durable in most weather conditions. However, avoid setting up tents in severe weather conditions such as extreme cold and high winds.Wind is the most destructive natural element to tents and other light weight shelters. Strong wind will flap, smash, and blow away your shelter in short order if it is not properly secured. To withstand strong wind a tent needs to be drum tight to successfully shed the wind.  Be aware that all structures have their wind load limit. It is by far better to take down a tent before the wind gets to strong then to have it fail in high wind. At the same time it is hard to know when to do this and taking down a tent in strong wind can be dangerous to you and or your tent. Taking down a tent in high wind weakens it and can cause the wind to get a better hold on the tent which can cause it to fail or get away from you.

Tent Sizes and Colors

Tents come in all size;  8′ x 8′ and up to mega sizes. The largest tent in the world is in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia. This tent is 492 feet high and has a 656 feet radius. It is 1,076,391 square feet of entertainment area.

Tents come in a multitude of colors. The most popular tent color is white.  Most commercial tents are made of a heavy vinyl. Commercial tents are very durable in most weather conditions. Avoid setting up tents in severe weather such as extreme cold and high winds. If properly installed tents will withstand unpredictable odd weather. Wind over time will cause your tent to move up and down and side to side therefore your ground stakes need to be checked frequency to see if they are working loose Check to see that the cords you run from your tent to the stakes does not become frayed by this friction.

Tent Stakes and Knot

Tent-Stake-Rope-452802Tents are best held in place with heavy-duty tent stakes. These stakes are normally 18″ to 36″ long and are normally made out of solid steel. Stakes are put in place with a sledge-hammer or a tent stake driver. Anchoring a tent properly is important to keep the tent erect for the duration of your party, even if someone bumps into a support post. Rope anchors are the most common, least expensive and oldest system for anchoring large tents. Drive stakes into the ground 3 to 4 feet from each support pole. The stake for each wall support pole should be positioned straight out from the tent, not at an angle. The two stakes for the corner support poles should be positioned at a 90 degree angle from each other, about 3 to 4 feet from the corner support pole. For each stake, tie one anchor rope securely to the top of its support pole. The anchor ropes should each be about 10 feet long. The clove hitch knot is used around the top of the tent stake. It is two successful half-hitches around the stake. It is most effectively used as a crossing knot, see the illustration.

clive knot Starting with a corner support pole, loop the end of one of the ropes twice and rotate the second loop you make behind the rope end and the first loop to tie a clove hitch knot. Place the loops over the stake and tighten with the loose end of the rope. The rope should have a little bit of slack.

taut line hitchThe taut-line hitch is an adjustable loop knot for use on lines under tension. It is useful when the length of a line will need to be periodically adjusted in order to maintain tension. It is made by tying a rolling hitch around the standing part after passing around an anchor object. Tension is maintained by sliding the hitch to adjust size of the loop, thus changing the effective length of the standing part without retying the knot.

Tents are can be used as an entertainment area by adding tables, chairs, dance floor, food tables and more. You will see larger tents at fair grounds, weddings and huge private parties.  Tents are a good piece of equipment to use for any outdoor event. Outdoor festivals and school events could you canopy tenting for displaying their carnival games.Carnival_Booths_Event_Kings_Apprentice

Dunk Tank



The dunk tank is one of the most popular items at carnivals and festivals. The picture above is the typical looking dunk tank. The blue tank holds 400 gallons of water and the side canvas is typically 7 feet tall by 6 feet wide. The white target is usually 4-5 inches wide. The dunk tank comes with three balls the size of softballs.

How to play: Fill the tank with water, a person sits on the white seat above the tank, place a throw line about 10 feet away from the target and the player tries to throw the ball directly at the target. If the target is hit the seat unlatches and the person sitting on the seat falls into the water. It is fun to watchfrightenedface the person’s face when they fall into the water.

Suggestions when using the dunk tank:

1. Make sure you have a hose and a working outside spigot so you can fill the tank quickly and efficiently.

2. Maximum dunk tank seat weight is 275 pounds per person.

3. Place tank on a level surface.

4. It takes about one hour to fill the tank with water when using a hose.

5. Always read the safety rules posted on the side of the tank.

6. If moving the dunk tank to another location have a 2 inch trailer hitch ball on the back of your vehicle.

7. Only one person is allowed on the dunk tank seat at a time.

8. When sitting on the dunk tank seat, slightly edge your way forward on the seat for best seat performance.

9. Do not allow small children on the dunk tank.

10. Most importantly, have fun!

Mural of Color Fun

mural of color fun

paint palette Mural of Color Fun

Mural of color fun is a new innovative item in our inventory. It a fun item for any event and for any age. Participants get to choose paint from an array of paint colors and paint brushes and paint in the predestined figures on the 5′ x 12′ sturdy plastic mural. This is a very fun way to show color creativity.

Painted murals date back to prehistoric times and are proof that people have an inherited instinct to decorate. Give us a surface and we will paint a mural on it to express our ideas, thoughts, imagination and emotions.

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A particularly distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture, from Wikipedia.

The most famous murals are in Egypt. The pyramids have thousands of murals painted on the walls, ceilings and hallways. Murals were painted to depict the environment at the time, the king, his wife and family, their religion, the life styles, their social lives, death and their country’s peace or turmoil. These murals generally tell a story through design and color. There are thousands of murals in Egypt and anyone would be lucky to experience the historic expression of art.


Other famous murals are the cave paintings of Lascaux in southern France also the artworks of Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros, and Jose Orozco were the three artists responsible for the Mexican Mural Renaissance. Rivera (1886-1957) painted murals in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City.

Rivera was asked to come to the USA and painted a mural for the Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange mural

Stock Exchange mural

and another of his murals in San Francisco Art Institute. His twenty seven-panel fresco called Detroit Industry and another work called Man, Controller of Universe are his better known of his works.

Another muralist and infamous artist is Michelangelo’s famous Creation and Last Judgments that have been painted in Sistine Chapel is perhaps the most familiar of all indoor murals. His painting is 131 feet long and 43′ wide in the Sistine Chapel.

sistine chapel

It took him slightly over 4 years. He painted over 300 figures, cherubs, men, women, children and animals. His most famous pose is the Hands of God and Adam, a depiction of education being sent from the higher being to mankind.

Hans of God and Adam

Hands of God and Adam by Michelangelo

I hope you enjoyed this minute history lesson in murals. Today you will see many murals on modern buildings too. This is an apartment building with a mural, guess what the artist was trying to say?


Our color of mural fun, is an activity that welcomes all ages to explore their color creativity and their sense of design. The color mural of fun si a 5′ x 12′ design that we rent to customers as a festival activity. The mural is a scene at a carnival event with animals, carnival people and background pictures. Any color is welcomed to this mural. Participants have fun painting and showing off their color creativity. Murals do not have to be complex but rather a simple mural can still project a lot of history by telling a story about living life, everyday life, family and the world around us.


A mural can be painted by any age group.  The above mural was painted by young students. Murals generally have no design guidance but rather a design with a focus on any subject like, religion, family, water, the sea, the modern world and 1oos of other subjects. Murals appeals to a creative mind and a hand that follows a design thought. Your creative thoughts developes into a hand-eye coordination almost like your hand is guiding the paint brush and the paint brush is followed by what the person is perceiving in their mind about shapes and objects. The mind dreams up the object and eye sees the object and the hand draws the object. Simple thought process!

Muralism promotes thinking outside the box. Go for it!

Glitter Tattoos


glitter 4 What should I wear tonight? Maybe I’ll wear a pink heart, a rainbow unicorn, red lips, a purple butterfly or a green lizard or a might wear them all. Glitter tattoos are the hottest body art design form in the world today. It is a fun, temporary way to add body bling. These shiny, sparkly, colorful art forms come in a variety of designs and colors. The glitter is a fine sparkly agent that adheres to the body with a light adhesive. Glitter tattoos are a fun way to express your mood and personality. What would you choose? A heart, rose, dragon, lizard, pirate skull, princess and more.

Glitter tattooing is a popular activity for after proms, school carnivals and company picnics. I have seen smiles from ear to ear from children and adults after seeing this neat sparkly design on their body. It is such a cool way to add flair to any outfit and add a bit of flair to your personality. Even Hollywood celebrities are loving this tattoo sparkle on the red carpet.

You’ve seen tattoo artists at theme parks and parties creating these bedazzling designs… Now we can create a professional body art shimmer that shines bright all day & night! It takes only seconds – Just press on the stencil wherever you want to shimmer, brush on the adhesive, dip the brush in the glitter – it takes no time to apply the design – then just go with the glow! The tattooing process is extremely fast and easy.

Glitter tattoos are waterproof, hypoallergenic and can last up to 7 days if you do not scrub the area where the tattoo is located. I have never had a customer have an allergic reaction to the glitter tattooing process.

Rules we have for glitter tattoos: only tattoo a body part that is exposed; the arms, shoulders, legs and neck, do not apply a tattoo to any covered body like the lower back, the upper chest area or the hip. We also select appropriate tattoo stencils for the event attendees, for instance, an elementary school tattoos will be different from high school tattoos. There are 100s of designs to choose from so be smart when picking tattoos for your events.

Glitter tattoos is just another fun way to express yourself in an artsy form of body art!

Sky Dangers, Sky Guys, Sky Tubes, Fly Tube, Airpuppets


sky-dancers1Looking for a way to make your business or upcoming sale stand out? Sky Dancers are a creative, colorful and attention grabbing way to promote your store or business. These sky tubes are by far the most cost-effective way to advertise a business and they attract attention from far away.

The sky guys come in different sizes, styles and colors. These guys can be 10′ to 70′ in height but generally they are 18′ tall. They come in many different colors too. Most have arms that flail and a happy face. In my business I carry a variety of different tubes; a frog, a 9′ multi armed colored sky dancer, a red, white and blue, an “open” sky dancer with an arrow, a two-legged yellow sky guy, a bride and groom and over eight different single legged colored sky dancers as seen above. The variety and themes very greatly.  You can have them customized by contacting a manufacturer.

All the sky guys are blow upward with a round blower that usually have three speeds. The blowers are usually 3/4 hp and 18″ diameter. These blowers run around $300.00 each which I think are a little pricey. However I just noticed the blowers are as low as $200.oo. That is a big drop from just a couple of years ago.

Rental of these items are great for businesses. Great times to rent these items are for grand openings, sales, specials or just to draw attention to your business. I have also rented them for parties and birthday parties to draw attention to the party site. They do not take up a lot of base room – 18″ and they take a 110 outlet. Just be careful with telephone wires, tree limbs, telephone poles, flag poles and highs signs.

It is very important to use several different medias to draw attention to your business. These are an excellent choice and the rental fees are reasonably priced.

The problems I have found with these items are: if the winds are too high then the sky dancers have a tendency to flap and hit the ground a lot. Also the normal wear and tear of a sky dancer is about 700 hours before the color looks dull and the ends and edges of the arms and head becomes frayed. I had a customer use a sky dancer and when she returned it the head and arms were full of mulch. It took forever to remove all the little pieces from this guy. I suggest using them on grass or cement not in a flower bed. Also if customers are not carefull and do not stretch the sky guy out before they start the blower up it could get caught under the blower.  The fabric will tear and get caught in the fan and the blower motor could lock up.

The sky dancers are made out of a nylon parachute type material. The fabric is very lightweight, tightly woven and has a sleek feel. The fabric wears and tears very well.

In general, these are very good to use for advertising your business!

Cotton Candy 100 calories


image5154Cotton candy, popcorn and sno cone are the three top most popular concession items for festivals, events and amusement parks. Cotton candy is a light and fluffy sugar confectionery made out of one ingredient – SUGAR. It is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste. Cotton candy comes in a variety of flavors and colors. What do you think the top 3 flavors are? Answer: pink, blue and grape. Pink comes in flavors called silly nilly – vanilla, wacky watermelon, bubble gum, cherry berry and jolly berry – strawberry. Blue raspberry is called boo blue, O-Jay is orange and green is leapin’ lime. Orange cotton candy sells more in October because of Halloween.

This treat is simple to make using a cotton candy machine. The sugar is spun, heated and air-filled and the end result is cotton candy. The hardest thing about making cotton candy is twirling it on the stick. This treat melts in your mouth while giving your taste buds a ride.

Cotton candy got its official name in America around 1920. Previously it was called “fairy floss” and spun sugar. It was thought that this sugary concoction started in the 1400s. Seven hundred years later it is a favorite treat for may festival goers. Years ago, it was a very expensive to make cotton candy and it only began public sales in 1904 at the worlds fair. Today you can purchase it in gas stations, grocery stores, festivals and amusement parks or you can rent a cotton candy machine and make it at home.

Cotton candy is usually served in bags or on a stick. A normal serving of cotton candy is one ounce and this equals 100 calories. This treat is great for adults and children. Cotton candy is my highest sales items in the concession items categories. Adults love the taste and it makes them feel like a little kids again. It is so much fun to eat and it literally melts in your mouth.

These days there are many items made from cotton candy: cake and frosting, cotton candy martinis, cotton candy whipped cream, cookies, cotton candy cupcakes and yummy cotton candy bars.
Did you know that the word cotton candy is used to describe a number of different items: Crayola no. 37 is called cotton candy, there is a new grape growing in California called cotton candy and there is a  type of grass called cotton candy.
Some people avoid cotton candy saying it is too high in sugar. In fact, there is as much sugar in one ounce of cotton candy as there is in a can of soda, 2 mini Reese cups have 80 calories, 2 mini Snicker bars has 90 calories and 10 Gummi bears has 100 calories. So enjoy all these sugary delights.

Duck Pond for Kid’s Carnivals

Duck Pond for Kid’s Carnivals

                   QUACK    QUACK

The duck pond is one of the most popular items at a carnival or festival. It is a simple concept and intriguing to little kids. I suggest this game for children under 6 years old. The duck pond game is one of the first carnival games that many of us played when we were younger. Pick up a duck, look at the number and the game runner gives you a prize. Everyone loves to win when they play a game at an event.

There is no skill needed for the game.That is why it is perfect for little kids. Everyone wins a prize. The prizes are usually small trinkets or toys. Winning a prize makes you feel special. Winning is character building and it encourages kids to feel good about themselves. Building self-esteem at an early age is a must. Anyway, child psychology is texted in books and online articles. I am going to stick to something I know about.

I have seen duck ponds made out of a large galvanized tub, small blow up pools, plastic pools, plastic sand boxes and giant coolers. Of course, there are professional made duck ponds and I personally like the duck pond manufactured by Twister Display.

When you set up the duck pond, have good signage, a water faucet, a water hose, ducks that float and prizes. Just remember if you set the duck pond up indoors make sure you have a plan to get rid of the pond’s water.

There are two ways to play the game. First, have 24 floating ducks, each duck has a number on it 1 – 24. The child picks up the duck and the game runner gives them a prize. I suggest getting a box of different prizes, we sell a prize box of 50 prizes. If the child plays twice, you need to notice the prizes they have already won and give them a different prize from the prize box.

Second way to play: Have 24 ducks, 12 ducks have numbers on the bottom of the duck and 12 are plain. The players pick up a duck and if the duck has a number on it they win a prize. If the duck does not have a number on it they win a consolation prize. Consolation prizes could be a piece of candy like miniature Tootsie roll or a piece of gum.

Rubber Duck